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19 Aug 2016



When it comes to brands in the last few years especially with the rise of social media, Content Marketing is the undisputable present and future of your business.


Do you really need Content Marketing?

Yes! Your customers are tuning out traditional forms of Advertising every day. If you are honest your advertising and promotion budget has shrunk this year and your targets are higher…so yes you do need content marketing.


What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is simply attracting and retaining your customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intent of changing your consumer’s behaviour. In other words, it’s the art of creating a culture or attitude towards your brand/product.  The Content Marketing process is best integrated into your overall communications plan if you want to engage your customers.


Why is Content Marketing more cost efficient?

Content Marketing is the most cost effective and targeted form of communication you can have with your customers today because it is done in your owned brand spaces e.g. websites and social media channels.  Content Marketing is also significantly cheaper than traditional advertising which rents media space from other media sources e.g Newspapers or TV Stations.


If Content Marketing is the “new sliced bread”, why isn’t every one eating it?

Well more brands than ever are engaged in their version Content Marketing today in Nigeria, however for Content Marketing to be most successful it must be constant and the content must be compelling and there lies your BM’s Challenge


What is the BM’s (Brand Managers) Challenge?

There are a number of challenges that face Brand, Product and Communications Managers in Nigeria when it comes to communicating with their target audience:


  • 84% struggle to produce engaging content (They have more important things to deliver)
  • 89% are unable to produce content consistently (The BM can’t write all the time)
  • 95% have trouble measuring its effectiveness (That’s another full time job)


Do my customers really need my Content Marketing?

Yes, and you do too because:

  • Customers are searching for good content/information all the time. (If you don’t give it to them your competitor or a disgruntled customer will!)
  • Prospects that participate in conversations with you are more likely to become customers
  • Customers only remember you when you communicate regularly 


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