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31 Aug 2016

We are Content Writers


A content writer is more than just writing articles or blog posts.  A content writer is first and foremost a story teller recruited to tell your story in the easiest, most memorable way anyone can imagine. In simple words as your content writers we are the screen that projects, amplifies and broadcasts your voice and image out into the universe in High Definition quality, and when used effectively, we are the keys to your success on the web. Let’s examine some of the basic characteristics that create a content writer, and explore how these elements would improve the way you interact with your web audience.


We are researchers.

No matter who we’re writing for, or the subject in question, every content writer is a researcher first and a writer second.  In most cases, the content writer will be dealing with an unfamiliar topic, and must do adequate research to ensure the information presented in the published article is accurate, current, and does not contradict the company’s existing messaging in any way or form implied or otherwise. Excellent research is the foundation of great content writing.


We are editors.

In most cases, the existing copy or brief received by us from the client is quite unpalatable. It’s the intellectual equivalent of washing someone else’s laundry or dishes or kitchen: you just don’t want to know what went on in there to cause such a mess. However, we do it with a smile and enthusiasm because making you look and sound great is what our job is all about.


We are designers.

When our content writer puts together a piece for a website, e-zine, blog, or newsletter, we don’t just bother if it is well written (it is excellently written thank you very much), we make sure it is fabulously formatted and properly presented and picture perfect on the screen. We will take your complicated idea and turn it into an easily digestible and accessible piece of copy that pleases your readers, and keeps more eyes on you.


We are SEO experts.

We don’t just write 500 words on how great your brand is and call it a day; we will ensure that the content is fresh and optimized with specific keywords that will increase your search ranking, bringing more visitors to your site.  We understand the value of an eye catching headline, correct keyword density, and maintain current SEO best practices to ensure that we are utilizing the most effective procedures.  You can be sure we will rescue you from SEO silence should you see a decline in your SEO rankings.



We are your partners.

We are not “just another” contractor or employee we are your partners and support system in your quest for success. We need you to succeed – because your success is ours as well. When you need a partner who understands how to use research, good editing, attractive design, and proper SEO techniques to take your web content to the masses, we WILL BE waiting on you to give us a call.